Networking over Coffee

March 28, 2018 at 4:30 pm

We organised Networking over Coffee event at the observation deck. A panel of four leaders from the healthcare and insurance domain came over to share their insights, expertise and experience and it turned out to be really productive for the members. Following are the quick updates if you couldn’t attend the event.


Tanvir Khan

Chief Analytics Officer, Capital District Physicians Health Plan

Tanvir with about 13 years Healthcare experience shared insights and mentioned about which software and analytical tools are currently used in the market and advised on how the students can transition from other domains to healthcare in the states.

Sana Singh

Market Insight Manager, Cigna

Sana with 10 years Healthcare experience and mentioned how her career transitioned from being an Architect to an Insight Manager. She even shared how her role fits into the project and what core competencies differentiate you in the market.


Bobby Nims

Project Leader and Philanthropist , Cigna

Bobby with 10 years insurance experience made the students understand how project manager fits in and joins all the pieces of the puzzle.


Fred Choi

Director, eBusiness Lead Architect, Travelers

Fred with 11 years P&C Insurance experience laid emphasis on how technical skills help students to be a strong professional and in switching career even.


Few of the pictures taken in the networking session: